...pool side...

so it's just been easier to go to the pond...
but a pool sure is nice. :)

what a fun couple hours.

this summer's been so much fun.
very busy.

yesterday we spent a couple hours at doug and wanda lapp's pool.
she gave me a whole bag of pool "shock" to pour over my poison, and soak in.
in addition to my topical prescription and steroids,
night-time soaks in our over chlorinated hot tub,

you would think it would be almost gone.
so itchy. all.the.time.

i am going to be a round up girl forever now.
i may never touch another weed again. :)

kaycee's on another round of antibiotics for strep.
zithromax now.
we'll see if that kills it.

and one more glance of fireworks for tonight.

stay cool.


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