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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

happy NINE years!!

and today we celebrate NINE years of Kaden's life.
i remember his birth too.
he was born at Women's and Babies Hospital.
I remember the peanut butter pie afterwards. :)
I remember the nurses thinking i was CRAZY when i didn't want an epidural.
or pain medicine.
I remember my in-laws waiting in the waiting room at 5:30 a.m.
kaden was born at 1:34 p.m. or something.
that makes for a long wait. :)
let's just say my labor with him was a bit longer than the 2 and 4 hours
i experienced with all my girls.
(i have a few ideas about why that happened, hence never went back to that hospital :))

i was re-arranging furniture in the room a few hours after i was settled in.
 i wanted it to be just right. :)

oh kaden. i can't believe you are 9 already.
i am finding you are heftier than me these days...
i need to find new disciplinarian ideas for you. :)
you are a very protective big brother, most of the time.
you are sweet with your sisters, except when you punch them in their eyes. :)
especially with karolina.

i walked in the room the other day,
and you were holding karolina, and said, "oh, karolina, i love you so much."
that makes a mother's heart warm.

you love sports. you don't like running so much.
you perservere.
i am proud of your reading...and math too, but that comes much easier for you.
i pray that you continue to make good choices.
i pray for christian friends for you to spend your time with.
 i pray for you to thrive in school and make a difference wherever you are.
i love your smile. and i love you. ~mommy.

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