if only time stood still.

that's really how i feel.

if only i could press pause in life for just a minute.

we are grieving over times gone by.
my kids keep growing.
summer is speeding past me like the speed of light.

pause. please. just pause.

just some pics from july.

 kaden was helping my mom and i do corn...
only for a minute. :)

i did some crafting over the last week.
my mom tells everyone it's my "therapy"...this week i especially agreed. :)

 also some furniture re-arranging. :)

 all copied from pintrest, no doubt. :)

going down my basement steps...

gotta run. promised the girls we'd go to the playground.
it's ladies night here.
the boys are at a barnstormers game with "guys night out" at church. :)



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