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Monday, July 23, 2012

happy ONE YEAR !!

i can hardly believe it. Karlolina Grace turns ONE YEAR old today. eeekkk. !
currently...karolina is...
  •  a speedy crawler. the real way. :)
  • pulling herself up.
  • walking... but only if someone is helping her.
  • babbeling, and making all kinds of fun sounds.
  • housing 2 teeth.
  • far lighter complected than any of the other kids...which means sunscreen. :)
  • sporting hair that sticks straight up and around, every which way...but it's growing. :)
  • so much fun. each of the kids love her...and do special "things" with her each day.
  • a mover and a shaker. no more sitting quietly thru church or appointments.
  • pulling out barrettes & headbands like it's her job. :(
 karolina enjoying her mac-n-chs for lunch. " mom. not another picture."

 we are having a party for her and kaden later on this week...will  post some more pics then.

karolina grace...i remember your birth like it was yesterday...the contractions starting at midnight. i got my big stack of clothes out to iron to me keep calm and relaxed. i remember calling the midwife and telling her it was time to come in,  and she questioned me...she said my voice was too calm.
 it wasn't until we arrived at the birthcenter,
and she indeed knew you were coming when she took one look at mommy. :)

we love you to pieces. you are precious. i love hearing your laughs and giggles,
and watching you grow each day...xoxo. mommy.

on another girl, kaycee, is gifted in the arts. i really think so.
she did this water color the other day, and i loved it so much, i asked if i could have it.

i had her pick out a verse (out of my favorites of course)
and then i wrote it on top.'s hanging in our dining area.
i it!


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

happy birthday karolina and love the picture kaycee. beautiful! :)
love aunt heather

Shelby said...

I LOVE it Kaycee:) Crafty just like her mama.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Karolina! She reminds me of Brielle - the light hair, blue eyes, and two teeth! Such a sweetie!