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Friday, July 6, 2012

*sunday school party *

down at the pond.

we are really enjoying our pond this summer.
it's soooo nice to have somewhere to get cooled off
without packing the kids up, and heading to someone's pool...

although that is so nice to do sometimes too.
please keep inviting us. :) ha.ha.ha.

this past sunday we hosted our annual sunday school class picnic.
i can remember when we were all newly married, and then we all slowly started having kids.
well...i guess there was no "slowly" about it.
our class added babies quickly...and there are a few large families.

there were 16 adults and 29 kids i believe.
i would guess the average ages would be 4 and 5 year olds.
i think the oldest there was 9...but there are not many of them. :)

it seemed like there were people everywhere...

~ the end ~


Anonymous said...

If we visit this summer can we come swim in the pond?!!

Megan said...

Thanks again for having us. We all had such a great time!!