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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

and how could i forget about friday?

disclaimer to this post. the pictures stink.
my good camera is broken.
and my 2nd camera the kids were messing with,
and made some kind of change...
so i have to figure it out...the pictures are blurry and wierd.
my sincerest apologies. :)

last friday we were going to celebrate calli's 4th birthday
with a cookie party at 10 a.m.

campbell woke up throwing up.
i was still going to have the party.

then she threw up again.
so, i called the doctor thinking she had strep, and cancelled the party.

at 10:30 a.m. the party was back on.
that's how rockin' and flexible my sister and sister-in-laws are. :)
no strep. allergies. hmmm.
not sure i am biting, but, we could have the party, so that's all that really mattered.

i made little aprons for all my neices that could come, and the one nephew.
lucky silas. :)
out of pillow cases, place mats and old table runners.

(this is the only picture i have of the aprons. bummer. they were each a bit different...)

the kids helped to make sugar cookies, and then they each rolled their own
and decorated them when they were cooled.

we then had calli's requested pizza and chips and pink lemonade for lunch.
it was a delightful couple hours.
she was tickled.
(another reason we called the party back "on"...calli was devestated, as were a few of her cousins. :)  )

happy 4th birthday sweet calli
you are special. a treasure. and greatly loved.


on another note...
lots of you are asking about campbell's eye.
it seems to be healing great.
her stitches came out on monday.
another reason we were back at the doctor's friday when she was vomitting...
it just made me nervous, having all that head trauma recently.

and kaden's finger seems to be healing with super power!
he will be on antibiotics for awhile, but this morning it looked great.

thanks for caring about us. :)


Anonymous said...

so cute!! what a fun idea! and making aprons for all!??? awesome! :)

heidiann(e) said...

your kids are too cute for you to EVER apologize for crummy pictures of them!

Can't wait to see you all IN PERSON soon!