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Sunday, October 14, 2012

october baby and a visit to urgent care.

watch it. that's all.

matt spent the afternoon with kaden in the urgent care in downingtown.

kaden told me this morning his whole arm hurt.
and then i noticed his finger.
it was huge and bulging with fluid. and red.
amazing the things you can make yourself do for your child.
i gave him some medical attention and soaked his hand in epsom salts.
(i will spare you the details.)

went to church.
he felt sick in the sanctuary.
sent him out.

long story. but i couldn't get it out of my mind.
so we decided to take him.
kaden was in tears. matt wanted to take him. i don't know why?
and i wanted to take him. for the compassionate mommy factor side.
i lost.
matt won.
well not really. i decided to play the submissive wife part.
that's all.
they got home at 5:30 p.m.

they did not have to cut open his finger like the original quick care place thought.
the parkesburg place we tried first.
he is now on 2 antibiotics.  and i will run a wound changing station. :)

i opened my Jesus Calling this afternoon, and this is what it said.
"be prepared to suffer for Me, in My name.
all suffering has meaning in My kingdom.
pain and problems are opportunities to demonstrate your trust in Me."

i guess that means my kids then too.
got it Lord. i got it.

we are raising money thru our church for Nickels for Neighbors.
one place the money is going  is the Pequea Valley School District Food Bank.
That is our neighboring district. and church friends made peanut butter balls to raise money.
so. we got inspired to.
but the lazy way. :)

we are selling Amish made banana or pumpkin rolls for $8 each.
money due at delivery on thur. oct. 25th.
leave me a comment or e-mail or call if you want any.
they really are delicious. and freeze great...

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