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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

* stitches *

i did mention in my earlier post today that i was glad to be living in this day and age.
glad to be born in 1978.
i am also thankful for technology and doctors and nurses.

we had our first ER visit with one of our children tonight.
campbell was riding scooter around 6 p.m. or so,
and collided with kaden swinging his metal baseball bat.
it was a total accident.
campbell is way to little to ride kaden's scooter.
but she is a free spirit, and she likes to ride it, so she did, and lost control and collision happened.
nothing you can do to stop swinging your bat. mid swing. ya know?
matt and i both got to go,
because my parents graciously dropped everything and came down at a moments notice.
thank you.
we are blessed to live near family.
the nurse was kidding us that it was our date night.
kinda. :)

my girl was a total rock star.
hardly a tear.
she was hysterical when it happened, but was quickly calmed down, and stayed that way.
she must have gotton about 10 shots of novacaine to above her eye.
and not a tear until around shot number 6.
but even then, she deep breathed thru them, while tears gently rolled down her cheeks.

a. total. rockstar.
matt took this as we were patiently waiting for the doctor to come stitch her.
lots of waiting.i think if she would have been screaming we may have gotton faster service.
but that's okay. i will wait. with my brave non screaming 5 year old.

she fell asleep waiting for her cheeseburger in the drive-thru at 10 p.m.
i guess she will eat it for breakfast in the morning. :)
then maybe i can update with a "stitched" together picture.

matt was chatting with the doctor and nurse the whole time.
turns out the nurse lives very near by.
funny. a small world.
that same thing happened when kaycee and i were at dupont...

i am tired.
my babies are all resting.
sleep good.

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

o my word. poor poor girl!
ouch. i cringed when i read this. i'm sure matt was super proud of his brave daughter!! :) and i'm sure you are being the best nurse ever!