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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i was setting out to have a great day.
and maybe i did anyway,
but...i was driving out the driveway with karolina and calli this morning
headed to the beth moore bible study i am doing...

and karolina threw up everywhere.

just.  like.  that.

my day was changed.
doing mostly laundry. and that's fine.
but i did some contemplating.

i am so glad that i was born when i was, and not about 100 years ago.
do you wanna know why?
i pinterest. my cell phone. my blog. my car. pampers.
my washer and dryer. my toilet. .that's inside and flushes.
my camera. my computer. all the things in my life that make it nice and easy.
i am spoiled. and i know it.

BUT...those women of long ago.
they NEVER had to clean up vomit from the crevices of a car seat.
 just sayin' 


so i changed my girl. and snuggled with her for maybe 10 minutes, and she looked at me,
climbed down off my lap, and was on her way...the rest of the day.
she seems fine.
maybe she just wanted to make her mom clean out the car, her car seat, and get most of the laundry done?
or maybe she thought that was a day off that i needed?
who knows. but i am thankful i was born in 1978.

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