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Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy *4th* calli ann.

my sweet calli turned 4 today.
she makes the funniest faces and has great expression.
she loves. loves. loves karolina. well. all her siblings really.
she can be very tricky. and sneaky.
she never, ever puts her shoes away.
it is not uncommon for me to find 4 different pairs, in 4 different rooms, on any given day.
she loves ms. tracey, her speech teacher.
she loves to "do school"
and play pollies, and doll house, and store, and farm.
she is really starting to love to color and paint too.
and play dough. loves play dough too. and often forgets to put it away.
she tries not to wear her seat belt.
thoroughly enjoys going to the library to pick out books.
is kind of shy in that, she doesn't really talk to strangers. she looks at them and giggles when they ask a question of her.
calli would sleep on the floor every night if i left her.
i love her laugh.
she is sweetness. and i am loving being her mom.

calli was my bigget baby. she weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. this was particularly a miracle, because calli's cord was wrapped around her neck ~and~  had a knot in it. it is not uncommon for these babies to die in-utero because they cannot get enough food and/or oxygen...

my first four babies came in 5 years. looks like forever ago...they all are so big now. :(  
(kaden-5, kaycee- 3, campbell- 19 months)

this is one of my most favorite pictures. taken by kelly lapp photography, i believe? calli was about a week old.

calli loves. loves. loves. her daddy.  

what do ya mean mom?

will post some more pictures tomorrow.
we are having a little party with some of her cousins, while the rest of her cousins are at school.
mean of me. i know.
cuts down on the chaos. and is something special for the littlest of littles. :)

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Shelby said...

Happy Birthday sweet Calli Ann:) I am sure your Mama had a fabulous party for you.