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Thursday, October 4, 2012


so i don't need any grand titles to explain this post.
today. that's all. :)

campbell woke up around 6:45 a.m. and was complaining that her eye and head hurt.
so i got her all snuggled up beside me in my bed...ready for the day.
or so i thought.
i snuck out of bed, and e-mailed her teacher a little note as to where campbell would spend the day.
and just like that she popped up out of bed, like a little jack in the box.

"i wanna go to school mommy."
i tried to persuade her to stay home.
with lots of tv time, coke all day long and snuggles in mommy's bed.
she didn't bite.
not even for a second.

then i thought we better discuss what she looked like.
and that maybe kids would be looking and pointing and whispering.
she was fine with it.
"i will just ignore them mom".
okay then. i got the picture. she was going to school.

poor kaden took his cereal outside this morning.
looking at it made him sick.
i went out to get him, and he just cried and cried and cried.
he feels so bad.
he is so tender.
campbell came be-bopping out.
and told him it was an accident. and that the doctors and nurses were so nice.
and that she got lots of prizes for being brave.

is bribing really that bad?

moppy and poppy king brought us ice cream before bed tonight.
did i mention how blessed we are to have family around?
thank you...

this is what the little peanut does all day.
she has a little slit that stays open on her right eye that she can see out of, so she tilts her neck back
so she can see out of that little slit.
it's total craziness.
she is going to have such a sore neck...

kids get so confused at school.
they get kaycee and campbell mixed up because they think they look that much alike.
kids were walking up to kaycee all day telling her they saw a girl who looked just like her,
but she had a big puffy black eye.
so funny.
and everyone was so kind and loving to her in her class.
everyone was so concerned.

stitches come out monday.
thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and concerns.
we are blessed.

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