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Monday, October 29, 2012

good morning monday.

good morning rainy, hurricane sandy laden monday.

we stayed in bed until 8 a.m.
well. me and the kids that is.
my energetic husband was out of bed at 5:30 a.m. and off for breakfast with some guys.
something about bad weather that drives him to the road??

kaden and i stayed up to watch the giants clinch the series.
yay. for the giants.
so fun to watch them win and celebrate.
congratulations to ryan vogelsong and his gorgeous family.
what a ride. a wild, wild ride.

for those of you who have been fascinated by the fact that i knew ryan. :)
there is a great article you can find...
you will see that i am not kidding when i say his family. well. mainly his wife. is gorgeous. :)

today. looks like a jammie day. and trying to cook while we still have electricity.
and make some costumes for parties on wednesday.
i am also certainly thankful i have the pleasure to stay home with my 5 children,
and do not have to hustle off to work this morning, in this storm.
i am blessed.

we are so thankful our chickens left last week.
life is much less stressful during a storm with no chickens.
let me tell you that. :)

here's to a look over the last week.
digging in the flower beds. spending lots of time outside in the 70 degree weather.
playground dates.
story time outside.
decorating for fall.
it was glorious. especially comparing it with what's going on outside today.

happy monday to you. how are you going to spend your day?

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