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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

one thing. after. the next.

do you feel like life is going so fast, that you have to take one day at a time?
because if you do anymore than that, it would be overwhelming.
and you might miss a beat?

those are the kind of weeks i have been having.
and i am ready for a break.

for instance. it started last week.
monday a project was due. then i hosted a brunch on tuesday. which i do love to do.
then Bible study wednesday. which we never got to. because karolina threw up in the car on the way out the driveway.
that same night. we took campbell for 8 stitches above her eye.
then calli's speech on thursday. then a meeting with campbell's teacher.
then another brunch for my  mother in law on saturday. and her friends.
they are sooo sweet. everytime they come.
kaden's baseball game on saturday.
which we didn't go to, because campbell was throwing up this day.
teaching kaden and kaycee's sunday school class sunday. being in calli's class for churchtime.
out for lunch. yay.
no school monday. but stitches out. and hosting small group in the evening.
women's ministry meeting tuesday a.m. matt watched the 2 littlest which was a huge blessing to me.
and we are at today. wednesday. already. piano tuner here at 7 a.m. sharp. and Bible study.
and getting ready to celebrate calli's birthday. she turns 4 tomorrow. now.
how in the world did that happen?

fill in the cracks. with laundry and cleaning.
and yelling. and snuggeling.
Bible story reading. library going.
and pinterest. of course.
we did start the fire. that is so cozy.
i have been trying to get up before 5:55 a.m. every morning to exercise and spend time with Jesus.
it is going pretty good.
but i am beat by about 3 p.m. just about the time when the kids get home, and it starts all over again.
with homework. piano practice. dinner.

i laugh at my mom. she says all the time. she forgets.
she must. because she did all i do. and she had four kids.
what is one more, i ask?  :)

i culminated the evening last night, with watching one of my favorite shows.
i am so glad it's back. in time for the chilly weather.
did you see it?
i cried. and cry some more when i watch this trailer.
it was so good.
i can hear my brother asking if it has any redeeming value.
decide for yourself.

(and in case you didn't see it. kristina. the blonde mom tells her family she has breast cancer...that was her
daughter who came home from college. she couldn't stand being so far away from her mom at such a hard time.)

and i love the family dynamics at the restaurant. it reminds me of my family...
and so i hope and selfishly pray that i never have to make this announcement.
but gives perspective to my days.
we only get to live them once.
and things can change in an instant...can't they?


Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Ahhh my favorite show too. And I cried last night too. =) It's so, so good.

Shar said...

thank you for this post. most days your posts echo the happenings of my days...busy, overwhelming, too much to handle at times...but the perspective has to be there. one chance, one life. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love Parenthood! Such a "real" show. I cried too.
Rhonda E