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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

texting and ryan vogelsong.

so. if you know me. you know i commuincate best thru e-mailing or texting.
i just do. :)

last night i was serving snack to our small group,
and got a text that read.

"scott wants to know if you are watching the game.
there is a really good pitcher on and he wonders if you know him."

i love it.
it's kind of a hard, wierd, akward thing.
a lot of people know we had a relationship. a long drawn out relationship,
but don't quite know how to handle it now?
do they bring it up? do they ask me about him?
do they tell me they saw him on t.v. or is it to wierd to bring up?
i thought of doing this post before, but struggled myself, what it would look like...
it's time. and totally okay.

this is the guy, ryan vogelsong, i dated for over 6 years thru high school and college.
thru his draft to the giants years ago.
he is doing so well. and i am so proud of him.
all he ever wanted in life was to play MLB, thru doubt and lots of speculation...
he is doing it. and doing it well.

i did have to flip thru some of my yearbooks to see what he wrote.
"p.s. keep your eye out for the big 14 on t.v. someday."
oh. it made me laugh. i am so happy for him.

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to be honest, there are times i still pray for him, and his gorgeous wife and family.
i was a poor reflection of Jesus back then.
I hope they can see Jesus more clearly now.
Their life looks like a hard one to live...but it's ryan's dream...and that's worth something, right?

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so to answer my questions of earlier.
it's fine to talk about ryan.
i haven't spoken to him for Y.E.A.R.S.
it doesn't seem to bother my man *at all* or at least he says it doesn't. :)
sure, i am glad i am not running into ryan at the coffee shop around the corner every week,
but it's great to see his picture in our high school...
and it is very fun to watch his successes on t.v.

i can still wish him the best of success
despite some choices i wish i would have made differently in the past...
surely. he holds some responsibility  for my love of baseball.

so. without furthor adue.
go giants??
and  boy, would some comp. tickets be nice.



Ang Stoltzfus said...

6 years! didn't realize it was that long. scott might have wanted to clip his picture from the paper this morning & mail it to you ;)
he loves to tease. glad matt doesn't mind.

Adrienne said...

I thought of you last night- my hubby was watching the game and then I got my yearbook out.... Craziness!!